April 20, 2017


Though there are many different ways of expressing values, we narrowed them down to six categories.

A short description and similar values are listed underneath each.

Fairness – Universally applied rules for rights and responsibilities.

Proportionality, Justice, Non-discrimination, Consistency

Loyalty – Standing by community, family, and friends.

Faithfulness, Allegiance, Fidelity

Sanctity – Protection of sacred objects, obligations, or rights.

Spirituality, Sacrosanct, Purity

Liberty – Freedom from oppression, and freedom of expression.

Transparency, Self-determination, Autonomy, Volition, Humour

Care – Cherishing and protecting others from harm, especially those who suffer.

Compassion, Empathy, Stewardship, Generosity

Authority – Respect for tradition and hierarchies.

Order, Devotion, Humility


Are there any values you would like to see included? Let us know!


We are considering adding:


Prudence – Ability to use reason and foresight to make decisions.

Perseverance, Wisdom, Grit